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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 16, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> that's very nice. >> yes. >> like comfort dog. >> training. sets your tv so you never miss an episode of "the five." everybody, have a great weekend. "special report" is next. he says he didn't start it, but he did finish it. donald trump and hillary clinton blame each other for the controversy over where president obama was born. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream. on the crane, donald trump and hillary clinton pointing fingers at each other over the so-called birther movement which questions whether president obama was born in the u.s. it was a big deal eight years ago, and it is again tonight. chief political correspondent carl cameron is at trump's new hotel in washington where the
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nominee spoke earlier today. >> reporter: after years of refusing to apologize or talk about his role in the so-called birther movement, questioning first president obama's citizenship and later the authenticity of his hawaiian birth certificate, donald trump flanked by medal of honor recipients and retired military leaders tried again today blame the whole controversy on hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton -- [ boos ] and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you question on what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: in fact there's no record that clinton herself ever advanced the charge that obama was not born in the u.s. when questioned on "60 minutes" in 2008 about whether obama was muslim, she wasn't categorical in her response. >> no. there is nothing to base that on, as far as i know. >> reporter: in march of 2007,
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longtime clinton strategist mark penn in a memo noted then u.s. senator obama's "lack of american roots," adding that obama's "basic american values and culture are at best limited because he lived in indonesia as a child." penn warned against saying anything explicit. during the '08 race, diehard clinton backers associated emails questioning obama's nationality. clinton disavowed the tactics at the time and pounded trump dodd for having sown political and racial discord ever since. >> for five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimatiz delegitimate ties our first black president. president obama was born in the united states plain and simple, and donald trump owes him and america an apology. >> reporter: members of the congressional black caucus are not letting the issue go. >> this is not just about degrading the reputation of barack obama, it's about
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degrading the american dream for all african-americans. >> reporter: while promoting the transpacific partnership trade deal with ohio governor and former gop nomination rival john kasich, the president shrugged off trump's attempt to per aside the controversy he perpetuated. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. >> reporter: even after president obama released his birth certificate, for trump that was not enough calling president obama a fraud. he's expressed doubts until last year. >> whether or not that was a real certificate because a lot of people question it, i certainly question it. >> reporter: and trump returned to the tactic of questioning an opponent's birthplace against in this year's presidential primaries. >> he doesn't even have the right to serve as president or even run as president. he was born in canada -- >> reporter: trump's appearance at the international trump hotel in washington's historic old post office was described to reporters earlier as a news you conference. today trump put reporters behind six rows of nearly 150 invited guests and took no questions. and it does not look like this
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story is entirely over. the former head of the mcclatchy news service in washington, d.c., jim asher, has tweeted, "cnn says hillary team in 2008 never raised birther issue. sid blumenthal, longtime hrc buddy, told me in person obama born in kenya." so lots of new grist for the conspiracy theorists' mills. shannon? >> eight years later, it continues. thank you. hillary clinton is trying to revitalize her campaign after a series of setbacks in the polls and with her health. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is here with that part of the story. >> reporter: with polls showing the race to be a virtual tie, hillary clinton began her day with a joke. >> the good news is my pneumonia finally got some republicans interested in women's health. [ laughter ] >> reporter: her opponent, donald trump, declined an in invitation to address the black women's agenda, a prominent group of african-american women. >> you are proof that, yes,
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indeed, black girl magic is real. >> reporter: clinton need the african-american vote to win in november. >> african-american women turned out to vote more than any other group of americans in 2012. [ applause ] >> this year once again, you have your hands on the wheel of history. >> reporter: michelle obama hit the campaign trail for clinton in the important swing state of virginia. >> i'm inspired by her persistence and her consistency, by her heart and her guts. no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency. not barak, not bill as he would say, nobody, and yes, she happens to be a woman. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the clinton campaign has accused trump and his supporters of racism. tim kaine faced questions about her basket of deplorables comment from a week ago. >> there are some who are motivated by dark emotions, that are not in accord with american
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values. i mean, when you have david duke doing robo calls telling people to vote for donald trump, which he did a couple of weeks ago, that is highly troubling. >> reporter: bill clinton was asked whether he's worried about the hateful rhetoric directed at his wife. >> if your house was on fire, you'd want him in the neighborhood because they'd run into your house and save your kid. but they are being played now because their incomes are down. >> reporter: a birthday bash for the former president tonight in new york at the rainbow room has set tongues wagging. the event will serve as a fundraiser for the clinton foundation. guests were asked to pay $250,000 to chair the event. $100,000 to be listed as a co-chair. politically, this could not come at a worse time for hillary clinton who's still struggling to overcome an impression that the clinton foundation posed potential conflicts of interest when she led the state department. >> thank you. we'll talk it with the panel. good to see you.
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hillary clinton and donald trump will go head to head in the first presidential debate september 26th. the commission on presidential debates announced that libertarian nominee gary johnson and green party nominee jill stein did not qualify because they did not achieve at least 15% in an average of five national polls. tim kaine and mike pence will participate in the vice presidential debate october 4th. president obama is going up against hillary clinton and donald trump over the transpacific partnership trade deal. and today, the president rolled out an unlikely ally. correspondent kevin cork with the story from the white house. >> reporter: enough is enough. let's get this trade deal done. that was the message delivered to at the white house by ohio republican governor john kasich. >> we cannot get to the point in america that because a democrat wants something that you happen to agree with, you can't agree with them. >> reporter: onetime republican presidential candidate joining forces with the opposition party standard bearer, the president,
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to promote the passage of the 12-nation transpacific partnership, currently stalled on capitol hill. kasich's remarks following a strategy session with white house officials, political and business leader, amid growing concerns the deal, now five years in the making, could go down to defeat. >> when politics is the order of the day and partisanship trumps country, we drift. we drift as a nation. and i'm extremely concerned about what i see. >> reporter: kasich's push for tpp puts him at odd once again with his own party's presidential nominee, donald trump, who's made bashing weak trade deals one of the cornerstones of his campaign. in kasich's home state of ohio wednesday, mr. trump reity raid his opposition to the deal, and that message may be one of the reasons he's doing so well in the buckeye state. leading the latest bloomberg poll 48-43 over hillary clinton among likely voters. >> if you're frustrated about jobs being shipped overseas and other countries selling goods
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into our country freely when we can't sell our stuff in other countries freely, then you want to get this thing passed. >> reporter: the unlikely partnership comes as the white house makes a final push to try to persuade republican lawmakers on the hillary clinton to approve this deal in a lame duck session after the election. experts say it shouldn't surprise anyone that kasich is partnering with the president. >> i doubt that john kasich will change very many minds in the electorate about whether free trade is good or free trade is bad. what john kasich will do is maybe strengthen the spines of a few republicans who have walked away from the issue under pressure from their party's nominee. >> reporter: terrific stuff. you may recall in the primaries, listen, trump and kasich were very, very fierce competitors. and you may also remember that kasich defeated trump in their head-to-head match-up in the buckeye state before, of course, trump went on to victory overall. given the closeness of this race and the fact that ohio is such
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an important swing state, kasich's support could mean all the difference in the world between victory and defeat. shannon? >> we'll talk with all-star panel about how much difference it could make. great to see you from the white house tonight. the veterans affairs department inspector general says the v.a. did not have adequate security in place to prevent the accidental release of social security numbers belonging to wisconsin veterans. the information of more than 600 of them was part of an e-mail sent by a wisconsin v.a. employee to an individual veteran. the i.g. report says v.a. did not adequately configure its security software to protect that data. president obama may be about to release some of the most dangerous terrorists at the guantanamo bay detention facility. it's part of his last-minute drive to fulfill his campaign promis prison. here's chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge. >> reporter: it was a brazen takedown in karachi, pakistan, one year after the 9/11 attacks.
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the target, the recruiter of the hijackings and lived in hamburg, germany, where muhammad atta, the ringleader who flew american airlines flight 911, into the north tower, finalized the plot. six men were captured and transferred to the guantanamo bay detention camps where they were dubbed the karachi six and high risk. >> has to do with their pedigree, the training they received in afghanistan, their closeness to senior al qaeda leader, and the fact that at least some appear to be committed to the cause. >> reporter: bush administration military reviews said the men were al qaeda and planned terrorist operations targeting u.s. forces as part of a second wave of attacks for 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh muhammed. a look at the files by the obama administration approved five for transfer and two have left for the united arab emirates. this week the intelligence community confirmed that two more detainees transferred by the obama administration have
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returned to terrorism, bringing the total on president's watch to nine. >> we just had a classified briefing on the situation with the detainees being released at guantanamo bay. i do not feel any more assured today that this is the right decision. >> reporter: those nine detainees represent 6% of the 161 transfers since twoo200. president obama's track record is better than the previous administration. >> that's an indication of how rigorous the process is when we are negotiating with other countries around the world to take these detainees. >> reporter: analysts emphasize the bush administration transferred three times as many detainees, nearly 550, and they've had more time to go back to the battlefield. >> and also there's new engine about the taliban five, those are the ones traded by the white house for army private bowe bergdahl. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: the taliban five left the guantanamo camps in june, 2014, for the gulf nation of qatar. not much is known publicly about the terms of their confinement.
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a member of the house intelligence committee tells fox news there is new evidence suggesting some of the men who include taliban intelligence and field commanders are reengaging with bad actors, apparently by phone or on line. this is not the first time the men have violated the restrictions. also, in a motions hearing earlier this month, the military prosecutor said two of bergdahl's fellow soldiers were seriously injured during the 2009 search after bergdahl walked off in afghanistan. the director of national intelligence had no comment for fox's reporting. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> the pentagon says it has killed a senior isis leader in syria. al fay ed oversaw the group's production of terrorist propaganda videos showing torture and executions. he was killed in a drone strike last week near raqqah. a u.s. official tells us dr. wah-il was thought to be number three in command of isis. american special operations forces will begin working with
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turkish ground troops in northern syria soon. a top defense official says there are roughly 150 special operators on the ground in syria. 40 commandos will work with the turks. that agreement's likely to anger u.s.-backed kurdish forces who view the turkish government as an adversary. heavy fighting broke out in damascus between government forces and an insurgent group said to be one of the most serious clashes since the cease-fire began monday. it comes as desperate syrians await humanitarian aid. we're watching the situation from the middle east newsroom. >> reporter: the trucks are on the move, but not to aleppo. 40 u.n. humanitarian aid trucks remain held up at customs on the turkish side of the syrian border. they can't cross until the u.n. is assured that the convey will have safe passage. it's already been four days. >> it's highly frustrating. we know the world is watching. >> reporter: watching and asking if the cease-fire is on the vernal of collapsing.
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earlier friday, syrian military officials said the main route into aleppo, castello road, was being cleared for the humanitarian convoys. hours later, however, russia's defense ministry said syrian troops and weapons returned after being attacked by rebel forces. >> this engagement has to apply to government forces and the armed opposition groups. >> reporter: thursday, a u.n. special envoy to syria said a czyzation of hostilities may be an ambitious term after a five-year civil war. washington may agree. pentagon spokesman peter koch told fox news producer lucas tomlinson that nobody is expecting a complete cessation of violence. >> it seems like the goal posts are being moved. that it's a reduction of violence or getting in humanitarian aid. >> the u.s. government will continue as a whole to be evaluating the situation on the ground. we will carry out our responsibilities at the department of defense in terms of our requirements as part of this arrangement.
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>> reporter: carrying out the terms is creating tension between the united states and russia. secretary of state kerry spoke with his russian counterparts, sergei lavrov, saying he was concerned about the delay in humanitarian aid, adding the u.s. will not join russia in fighting isis and al qaeda militants in syria until the terms of humanitarian access are met. shannon? >> thank you. >> the justice department wants germany's biggest bank to pay $14 billion to settle civil claims over its handling of residential mortgage-backed securities. deutsche bank a.g. is indicating it has no intension of settling. it is one of many banks investigated over dealings in securities to people with shaky credit ahead of the 2008 financial crisis. several other institutions have already settled with the government. stocks were down, the dow last 89. the s&p 500 dropped 8. the nasdaq fell 5. for the week, the dow was up .2%. the s&p 500 gained a half,
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nasdaq finished ahead 2.3. it was big news on the apple news front. we have more from new york. trish, give us the good and the bad. >> reporter: well, the good news front, iphone 7 sales are just going gangbusters. in fact, the company said that they have sold out of the new iphone 7 plus and also the iphone 7 black version, also sold out. you know, perhaps helping apple to a certain extent in terms of its sales of the new phone might actually be the fact that samsung is clearly challenged. you know that they recalled a million phones. their galaxy phones because of a battery problem. these batteries were actually exploding or catching on fire. that's a terrifying things. obviously as a consumer, if you're holding that phone up to your head, next to your ear, you don't want to catch it on foreor exploding. so there may be crossover there. it's an opportunity clearly for
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apple because apple has about 11% of the overall world market in cell phones. samsung has about 23%. so perhaps apple can cut into its market share. so that's the good news. the bad news is, of course, the tax situation. as you may be aware, apple actually is in a bit of hot water with the eu, the european union. they're trying to say that apple used ireland as a tax haven and want to fine it $14.5 billion in back taxes. japan is claiming something similar. they want it for roughly $118 million. worth of back taxes. now the u.s. is getting in on the act and saying, shannon, that companies, multinationals like apple should not be moving off shore in the way that they do, and they want to clamp down on that, as well. you take the good with the bad, i guess. >> a lot to deal with. to another story in business, the bank, wells fargo, under fire for creating two
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million fake customer accounts. the executive apparently in charge retiring with a $125 million pay package. what's the deal? >> reporter: crazy, right? a lot of this is money that she had made over the course of her career there, some of the stock options and stock benefits had vested. so she would argue and the bank would probably say, well, this is money that she was due. the flip side, of course, is that this was her division where they were creating these two million fake accounts. you know, by the way, i should point out that the bank was hit with a lawsuit. customers saying the bank is being sued for fraud, negligence, and invasion of privacy. so this division that this woman ran was looking successful, right, because it had these two million new accounts. but in fact, it wasn't quite as successful as all that because these were fake accounts. now congress is getting involved. they've called on the ceo of wells fargo to testify. and a lot of people are wall street are questioning whether
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he's going to be able to keep his job over all this. >> we know you will keep us up to date. thank you very much. up next, the fight between president obama and the people of maine over some of the most beautiful land in new england. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight -- fox 35 in orlando, florida, where last call -- it really means last call. the city has made perm a ban on bars staying open past 2:00 a.m. orlando's police chief says it is a safe and manpower issue. fox 5 in atlanta and fox 6 in birmingham with higher gas prices because of a pipeline burst in atlanta. it affects the lines on the east coast. the prices expected to rise 15 cents a gallon. the governors of alabama and georgia have lifted restrictions on the number of hours that fuel truck drives can work. they're hoping to lessen the impact. and this is a live look at tampa from fox 13. one of the big stories tonight, navy weapons testing causing earthquakes off the florida
3:21 pm
coast. the navy says the full ship shock trials involve setting off a series of 10,000-pound explosive charges near a ship to how the vessel would hold up. the u.s. geological survey estimates the explosions produce the equivalent of a magnitude 3.7 earthquake. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this fall at choice hotels, the more you go the better! now earn a free night when you stay with us just two times. book direct at remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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there is a major controversy brewing if maine over some of the state's vast forest area. president obama wants to make it a preserve. locals have different ideas. senior correspondent rick leventhall looks at both sides from med way, maine. >> reporter: the landscape of northern maine is breathtaking and beautiful. prime terrain for hunting,
3:25 pm
fishing, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities. locals are worried their access to a vast chunk of wood may soon be restricted because's been designate a national monument. >> my fears, we're going to lose sight of that working forest model that's allowed everybody to recreate on the land and enjoy the north maine woods, in exchange for a model that's going to be much more restrictive. >> reporter: it's called katahoin wood and waters. donated by millionaire roxanne quimby, co-founder of burt's bees. she wanted a national park, but maine senators and legislature opposed it. president obama used his executive authority to create a monument instead, a privilege given by the antiquities act of 1906. >> as fdr once said, there is nothing so american as our national parks. the fundamental idea behind the parks is that the country belongs to the people. >> reporter: access to all 136
3:26 pm
square miles could be limited now that it's under federal control and may impact the $8.5 billion that the state's logging industry say it produces annually. the private gravel roads that wind through the area are used by heavily loaded trucks that can weigh up to 200,000 pounds. loggers don't know if they'll have to adjust their schedules or if visitors will yield the right of way. >> we warn them that this is a multiuse road. it's not a wide road. stay right, keep your speed down, keep the dust down. >> we're here largely to listen -- >> reporter: the parks service is holding a series of listening sessions to try answer community concerns. and the governor says the next couple of months could affect the monument's future. >> after january, depending on how the election goes, there's several options available to the next administration and congress. >> reporter: the white house says barack obama has protected 265 million acres of land and sea, more than any other president, reversing his designation of the wood and waters would take an act of congress, something that has happened before.
3:27 pm
shannon? >> thank you, rick. another land dispute on the other side of the country involves what some people say is the last affordable housing in a beautiful area of california. claudia cowan is in palo alto tonight. >> reporter: the turf war over this low-rent mobile home park in the heart of silicon valley puts owner joe gisser and his family who want to close it and build condo against government officials who are doing everything they can to keep palo alto's last affordable housing right where it is. >> the city and the county's actions have postponed the closure of the park for about four years now. and still, there's really now end in sight. >> reporter: that's because city and county officials have partnered with the local housing authority to acquire the property through eminent domain. >> eminent domain is an elegant solution. it acknowledges the owner's right to just compensation if
3:28 pm
the property is used for this purpose. >> reporter: she argues the public purpose is the welfare of 400 tenants who say they can't afford to move out. >> we have nowhere else to go. there's no way for 95% of us to be able to live in this county. let alone silicon valley. >> reporter: gisser says the lack of affordable housing isn't his fall, and he should be able to redevelop his own properti. to close the park, the city says the gissers must pay moving costs, and in pricey palo alto, the costs are estimated at $8 million. his lawyer calls that extortion and doesn't buy the government's public good argument either. >> it's one thing to take property for a school or a road or firehouse. here they're taking the gissers' private property for the benefit of other private individuals. that's flatly unconstitutional. >> reporter: the gissers and their lawyer say if government can use eminent domain here, then no property owner is safe. several lawsuits are pending in
3:29 pm
a case that's being watched by groups and tenants' advocates alike. >> thank you. arizona police officers will no longer detain people solely to cheng their immigration -- check their immigration status. that's part of a settle. to a challenge to an arizona law that required officers to check the immigration status of everyone they stopped. opponents of the law said it led to racial profiling and wrongful detentions. for an increasing number of students, back to school just means, well, back to the dinner table or the family room or someplace else inside their own house. home schooling is getting more popular every year. folks think they know why. correspondent doug mckelway tells us it's a core issue. this is one of the largest investments in education reform in american history. >> reporter: in the summer of 2009 when stimulus money gushed from the federal government, few took notice that $ .35 billion went to public schools. 45 recession-hurt states eagerly
3:30 pm
signed on to what the administration called the race to the top and its companion curriculum few had ever heard of called common core. three years later when parents were first polled about common core, 0% had a favor -- 90% had a favorable opinion. this year the number sank to 50%. now an apparent frustration over common core may be driving a surge in home schooling. >> first week of school, we get those rash of calls from all over the state, people saying, oh, this is not what i thought it was. this is not working out. this is not working for my child. what do i do to home school? >> reporter: even before common core standards, homeschooling was gaining in popularity. in 1998, only 1.7% were home homeschooled. by 2011, it more than doubled. >> the ensense that parents don't have a voice in what is taught in their child's classroom i think has led more and more parents to look for options that really allow them to customize and to tailor the educational experience that works well for their children.
3:31 pm
>> reporter: adding to the surge, the push for lith activism in schools and the president's statistic order to cut fong schools that violate transgender bathroom access. one home schooling association said it "delivers a message of unmistakable philosophical hostile for those who hold traditional moral views." public school unions remain deeply opposed to homeschooling. one maintain its "cannot provide the student with a comprehensive education experience." one study published in the "journal of college admissions" suggests the opposite is true. that homeschool verse better test scores, better grade point averages, and graduation rates than other college students. shannon? >> doug mckelway, thank you. items from the personal effects of president ronald reagan and wife nancy will be up for bid next week in new york. correspondent rob schmidt takes a look. >> reporter: it was an iconic presidency and fairytale love story. the lives of ronald and nancy reagan admired by many now up for auction.
3:32 pm
personal belongings, 700 items, most of which were with the first family inside the white house. >> many personal items, gifts from family, gifts from friends. so there's something very personal, private, and sentimental about some of these objects. >> reporter: some of the biggest draws, a marine chronometer in fitted brass, mounted mahogany given to the president the by frank sinatra while in the white house. a piece of the berlin wall signed by president reagan. his term came toward the end of the cold war. most remember this famous line -- >> tear down this wall. [ cheers ] >> reporter: author doug weed interviewed reagan many times and says this antibiotic will earn attention from around the world as many credit reagan with helping to end the cold war. >> 100 years from now, here will be the man that saved the world, that saved mankind during his era. that's only going make his memorabilia more valuable. >> reporter: actor rex allen gave president reagan cowboy boots with the presidential
3:33 pm
seal. the story goes reagan and allen made a campaign appearance together in 1980, and reagan admired allen's boots. allen got reagan a pair of his own. also, a bull gary american flag ring worn by nancy reagan made of rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. the auction proceeds benefit charity and the ronald reagan foundation. the auction starts on line on tuesday for anybody, and then here in new york at christie's on wednesday and thursday. >> thank you. the new controversy over the old issue of president obama's place of birth, why it is now once again part of the presidential campaign. we'll talk about it with our panel next. four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! you're welcome! hey listen. whatever you do, don't marry dan! hey babe, i'm dan. hey babe, can i get 14 dollars for...
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which may include a lump or swelling in your neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath. medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. hillary clinton -- [ boos ] and her campaign of 2008 started
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the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> for five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimatized our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. >> all right. let's talk with our panel today. the political happenings of the day. steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard." leslie marshall, talk show host. mercedes schlap, columnist for the wooims. and charles krauthammer, syndicated columnist. did you think we were done discussing this? poem's not running for another term, and yet it's back. >> it's a good thin the country doesn't have any pressing problems to deal with. we can spend our time on things like this rather than
3:38 pm
entitlements and wars. to me, this sort of sad, disappointing day encapsulates the entire campaign in a way and captures, i think, the things that bother or the things that make each of these candidates unique. hillary clinton and her team, without question, helped push in the two2008 campaign push this a that president obama was an other, foreign. the penned memo and -- >> let me throw this up. twitter from james asher who used to be the washington bureau chief i think for mcclatchy. the tweet says, #cnn says hillary team in 2008 never raised the birther issue, sid blumenthal, which we've learned more given the e-mail scandal, longtime hrc buddy told me in person obama born in kenya. so steve, part of the reporting today. >> so there's no question that the hillary team played a role in pushing the sense that barack obama was somehow other. however, donald trump, it's
3:39 pm
ridiculous for him to pretend like he wasn't the main driving force of this. he did this for years. he did it for years after president obama presented his birth certificate in 2011. he was doing it as recently as lasts year and interviews earlier this year. what makes this sorts of interesting is like case study of the campaign is hillary clinton is doing this in kind of a sneaky, dishonest way. she's -- launching this campaign quietly behind the scenes. and trump is just owning it. like he just runs out there and says, i'm a birther. i think this is crazy. i don't think the president was born here. this not? a conspiracy theory. and it sort of captures what makes each of the candidate unique. >> this was a -- was it a gift to the hillary clinton campaign? they've had a tough week with her health and all the other things, the deplorables, different thins the last few years days she's been dealing with. how much does she like that this is back in the news and she can say basically he's a racist? >> i think she likes it a lot. when you look at numbers -- he's done well in numbers. i think parts of that is not the basket of deplorables but the
3:40 pm
fact that she has justice not been there. this is even before the pneumonia. this was like out of sight, out of mind. and he has improved. he's improved not just in states like florida and ohio, but he's improved across the board and in swing states with groups like african-americans. and i think that's exactly what we're seeing here. it's almost any time he looks and one time recently he had as low as 0% in the polls among african-americans voters. when he sees there's hope and his campaign says, wait a minute, we're seeing when we have a nicer, more diplomatic presidential if you will donald trump talking, we do better. so listen, he -- he doesn't believe the president wasn't born here. and everybody's saying we need to hear it from him. he gets out ands it. the motivation is, look, if you were black, vote for me. that's what he's doing here. and then, this reminded me -- i have an 8 and-year-old. and he started it, but i'm finishing it. this is what it really reminded me of, chilish. i know you're laughing. you have kids -- >> i understand.
3:41 pm
>> seriously. when you look at all the facts, fact check, politicheck, et cetera, even though there was one e-mail within the clinton campaign, the rest of allt writings and twitter and emails were not campaign workers but rather supporters, nothing came from her camp publicly. nothing came from hillary clinton publicly. >> the manager had to fire one of the supporters -- >> one individual. and that one e-mail. >> that raises questions because of the fact that mark penn said maybe we need to fundamentally question whether he -- obama is american. i mean, i think those are strong word coming from mark, as well. >> i don't think the allegation, accusation by donald trump that hillary clinton in her campaign started this is accurate at all. i think that goes on him and the others who jumped on the birther campaign. >> even politico said that there were die hard clinton supporters who were trying to -- >> supporter is an a campaign worker and not hillary clinton. >> mark penn was -- >> one person, fired. hillary clinton -- >> mark penn was not fired -- >> hillary clinton never said
3:42 pm
publicly, and every time we see anything with reference to that she thinks it's ridiculous -- >> she may not have said it publicly. if those closest to her are saying to people like the washington bureau chief of mcclatchy, he was born in kenya, it's the planning of ideas and the conversation. >> by advisers, absolutely. >> so is it time to close the door on this? >> absolutely. >> is everybody ready to move on -- >> i hope we could close the door on this. i think it's unfortunate. look, the door should have been closed 2011 when obama came out and released his birth certificate. fine, if they had legitimate concerns at the time and trump did and americans questioned whether he was an american citizen, white house came out, released the bitter certificate. this should have been a done deal. and i think it's important now for the trump campaign. it's one of the reasons they needed to stop this nonsense and move on, back to the policy discussion. it's where donald trump is strong right now, it's where he's starting to continue to win the support of american voters and why the momentum is shifting in his favor. >> yeah. the discipline has paid off for him for sure.
3:43 pm
now there was pushback today. he had this big event at the trump hotel that opened here in d.c. he had a number of military distinguished guests and heroes on stage. he said that he was going to talk about the birther issue. that was suggested. as the media stood by, they had to listen to person after person after person, military -- you know, all of them praising him. not everyone in the media was happy about that. here's what jake tapper said about that. >> while we got rick rolled and played in terms of rolling the endorsements from those american heroes who came out to talk about donald trump and why they support him, medal of honor recipients and the like, what's largely going to be covered is these -- are the two sentences, one of which is completely untrue. >> there was quite the lead up, charms. he's a showman. he scripted this to his advantage. >> the only things missing from that event were the trump steaks. >> i think they were served
3:44 pm
right after for lunch. >> the kitchen and show all those other things. look, he has a way of attractinging the press and making them jump. they jump, and they came and showed what he wanted them to show. but you know, when he says or when -- when mercedes says that this should have ended in 2011, the person who didn't end it in 2011 and who could have was donald trump. all he had to do was to say then what he says now, i don't think the information has changed, the politics have changed. and he wants to get this behind him. but he has spoken about it and expressed his doubts continuously since 2011. so he's hardly innocent about the continuation of this story. but i think they're smart, i'm sure this is kellyanne conway saying you've got to say the words, however much it hurts. you say it once, add a period that means i'm done talking about this. and i think he will stop talking
3:45 pm
about it. it will go away. i not the reason he's done so well in the polls is because for about three weeks he's refrained from these -- distractions and eruptions. this was a recurrence of one. he ended it. and now he can continue his rehabilitation. >> we'll see how the trending in the polls continues, or if this is a blip. we'll find out. next, you love it -- "the friday lightning round." because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection. seconds can mean the difference
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we just had a classified briefing on the situation with the detainees being released at guantanamo bay. and i do not feel any more assured today that this is the right decision. >> that report indicated that the so-called recidivism rate is below 6%.
3:49 pm
that's an indication of how rigorous the process is when we are negotiating with other countries around the world to take these detainees and impose requirements that don't put the united states or the american people at risk. >> we're back with our panel for the lightning round. steve, i will started with you on get movement catherine herridge reports today there are reports of two of the more recent releasees being right back to terror. >> yeah, we have an exhawive report that we posted today "weekly standard".com based on months of reporting on these issues and others about what we know about guantanamo and the president's efforts to close it. we know the president lied directly about how he has released and transferred and what they were up to and how many of them have returned to the fight. we know that the obama administration has rewritten threat assessments prepared by military and intelligence professionals to make the detainees that they are transferring and releasing look less threatening. we know that the administration has transferred or released
3:50 pm
detainees that it own task force said should not be freed because they continue to present a threat to the united states and its interests. we know that among the people who were transferred in august were members of this karachi 6 which catherine's report referenced earlier people reported directly to the plotters of 9/11. we know finally that a detainee slal i had was mentioned in the 9/11 commission report as somebody who recuted the hijackers in germany. these are people who should never be let out of guantanamo. certainly if we are going to release them or transfer them or not continue to hold them, we should be clear with the american people and others about the risks involved. >> shouldn't every average american out there, these assessments are being rewritten and not truthful, i mean, is there any way to hold people accountable and shouldn't they be rightly outraged over that? >> i don't disagree entirely with you on this although, you know, you may be shocked by that i just want to look at numbers, okay? even though math is not my
3:51 pm
favorite subject. when you look at 177 of those who were either transferred, resettled or released and those are three different things from guantanamo under the obama administration 12 now up from six in january have entered the fight or rejoined terrorist efforts. six of those, by the way, were from the former administration, former president bush who released over 500 of these individuals. so here's my thing. you know, are we more concerned about closing guantanamo because one of my problems is i think we have played into this with guantanamo because we have just thrown people in. we have not charged them. they have not had their day in court whether it's a criminal court or a military court. i have no problem closing it. i have no problem transferring individuals. i don't want people released but i think that we have created, perhaps, some people in to terrorists that may not have been when they were thrown in there originally. we know that they were originally deplorable conditions at gitmo. >> we have got to make sure we hit our other lightning round topics. tpp big trade meeting today
3:52 pm
with the white house. ohio governor john kasich who was one of the last men standing in the g.o.p. nomination race was there as part of this effort today. here is a little bit of what he said about working across the aisle. >> the idea that i'm a republican and, therefore, i can't work with democrats or you're a democrat and you can't work with republicans, how does anybody think that the issues of debt, social security, medicare, healthcare, any of these issues are going to be resolved when we spend all of our time fighting with one another? you see, i don't recognize this town much anymore. because now it's become so much about politics. >> well, mercedes, that's is what this town is about. >> election year. >> yes, we are. >> and by the way, our latest poll out of ohio from suffolk university shows trump leading by 3 percentage points in a four-way race. very tight. kasich support or his antagonism against things
3:53 pm
and position trump has can make a difference. >> sure. i think at the same time trump has been able to create momentum in ohio without the kasich support, which is surprising because kasich is a very popular governor in ohio. so, i think for the most part, when you were talking about this tpp, what's what is fascinating is the fact that it's an issue where it actually does bring a number of democrats and a number of republicans together on this issue. this is actually where you have the strange bed fellows like a mitch mcconnell, like a president obama working together on this issue. the problem is as speaker ryan said they don't have the votes in the house and that this is not going to move forward. we don't think, in the lame duck session. >> all right. do you want to comment quickly on that before we get to winners and losers, charles? >> yes. kasich is right on the substance but is he wrong on the reason that all of this is a problem. it's not party politics. after all the leading republican, the republican candidate is against it everybody is against it hillary was, sanders was, trump is. so it's not a partisan
3:54 pm
issue. it isn't a question of betraying your party. it's a question, i think, of going against the lessons of histories and economics because of public opinion. and i don't think that's what leaders ought to do. >> okay. exceptionally brisk on your winners and losers, charles, let's start with you. >> i will be the very brisk, winner is kellyanne conway. she is the engineer of the turn around of trump's numbers. she produced a kindler, gentler trump. and thus far people are believing it. loser is secretary of defense ash carter. he opposed the carr kerry deal with the russians capitulates whether assad stays in power and has us collaborating with the russians in military actions for the first time in about 70 years. carter said you can't trust them. he's right. obama went with kerry. >> even more brisk. just give it to us. winners and losers. >> winner ivanka trump
3:55 pm
bringing up the issue for working moms and families. something republicans don't like to talk about too often. an important issue. loser birther movement. i hope it's dead. i hope it doesn't resurrect again. >> leslie? >> winner is the american worker. they race for the first time 272007 up 2.5%. loser daughter of a jewish daughter donald trump's gas chamber remark. i know that he clarified what he meant but i think when we hear that term gas chamber the holocaust definitely is what we pick up. >> my winner is u.s.a. hockey is the teen heading into the world cup of hockey this weekend. >> nice? on a roll and with a coach who says he will bench anybody who doesn't stand for the national anthem, which i like mile. loser is hillary clinton because have you watched the news this week? >> it's been a tough week. all right, thank you very much, panel. as you may know, fashion week is just wrapping up in new york city. we hit the streets there to get some advice. whether you want to take it from these guys is right up to you. right after the break.
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finally tonight, the hottest fashion just hit the runways in new york this week. the perfect time to hit the streets of manhattan for advice. these guys aren't exactly the high end experts. >> explain to me what you're wearing and why. >> well, let's see, i'm wearing basically a baseball cap just to cover this head. >> explain to me when you look at fashion, who are your icons? who do you look up to? >> oh, that's a hard one. to my wife. what she tells me i like, that's what i like. >> when you got dressed this morning were you thinking in your head this is the sexist day that is coming out today? that is the day that i always wanted to be? >> no. i don't think that entered my mind. >> all right. explain the socks to me, the height of the socks specifically. >> the height basically is just the first. >> you feel the length of the socks reaches the length of the shorts like they're reaching for each other. >> i lo that reaching for each other. thanks for "special report"
4:00 pm
tonight. read a copy with your family and friends. good night from washington. next up, "on the record," you don't want to reach it. hello, and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." on a day when donald trump formally abandoned his birtherrism and critics attacked him as a racist, he continued to climb in the polls. real clear politics average in the polls hillary clinton lead down to 1.5 race in two way race but 1.1 point in four-way race. likellike likely voters who is most likely to handle the economy? trump holds the lead there and he had done well on that question earlier fox polls but just two weeks ago in a poll of registered voters mrs. clinton had pulled into a tie with him on the issue. 48% to 48% as you can see there the co-founder a


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